The Inman Lab at NEOMed


We explore ways to manipulate glia to offer greater neuroprotection for retinal ganglion cells during glaucoma.

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We endeavor to determine the contribution of gangliosides to glaucoma pathogenesis. The ganglioside GM1 undergoes changes in quantity and distribution during glaucoma.

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We work to establish whether mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to glaucoma development. Mitochondria provide energy to all cells; we have observed ways in which energy management in the optic nerve is not normal in our glaucoma model.

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Recent News

Nate’s Photomicrograph Gets Chosen

Nate Pappenhagen submitted a series of photomicrographs to the NeuroArt contest presented by MicroBrightField. One was chosen to be the next cover of the Journal of Neuroscience Research. See his winning entry at NeuroArt.  
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Kayla gets accepted to DO School!

Join us in congratulating Kayla Trautman for her acceptance into the Lake Erie College of Medicine Osteopathic Medicine program! Congratulations, Kayla, you’re going to be a great doctor.
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